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All these flags, and coats of arms, and badges, and stuff is derived from an alt-history project I've been gradually expanding for the last few years. It spawned out of some cities I built in SimCity and the desire to explore what lay beyond the edge of the city tiles. Thus was born Miclian Ar■ura (otherwise known as Greater Arthuria).

Map of Greater Arthuria by Antrodemus

The island Arthuria is 800 miles long, and 300 miles broad. And there are in the island five nations; Ashing, Arthish, Altrine, Curthish, and Latin. The first inhabitants were the Arthins, who came from Arminia, and first peopled Arthuria southward. Then happened it, that the Curths came south from Scythia, with long ships, not many; and, landing first in the northern part of ═weri˙, they told the GÚts that they must dwell there. But they would not give them leave; for the GÚts told them that they could not all dwell there together; "But," said the GÚts, "we can nevertheless give you advice. We know another island here to the east. There you may dwell, if you will; and whosoever withstandeth you, we will assist you, that you may gain it." Then went the Curths and entered this land northward. Southward the Arthins possessed it, as we before said, although they would not possess it long. And it happened, in the run of years, that some party of GÚts went from ═weri˙ into Arthuria, and acquired some portion of this land. Their leader was called Catha, from whom they are named Cathi (or Cathrans). Then, with the passing of years, came another people to the island, who had been driven from their former lands by Atila, King of the Huns, and they took all the southern lands from the Arthins, who fled into the forests. Their leader was named Ash, and they were thereafter called the Ashings. Other peoples also came, who were akin to the Ashings, and entered the lands to the north, and took them from the Arthins, and some from the Curths too. And thus the Arthins were divided, and hidden only in the forests of the east, and with their kinsmen the Altrines in the fastnesses of the western mountains...

The island itself represents a bit of a challenge to Britons and classical geographers, but I needed the freedom to rearrange things as I saw fit. Considering the major departure from reality I'd already taken, it also seemed appropriate to rearrange Ireland into ═weri˙ (Ivernia), and I'll probably rearrange the continent as well at some point!

Downtown Witanceaster by Antrodemus

So far I've built up part or all of the cities of MearcgrŠf, Ineceaster, Ealdwych, and the capital Witanceaster, in SC4; and developed a map, named everything in sight, created flags and/or arms for the five nations, 21 provinces, and 60 shires on the island, pored over 600 years of history (only 900 to go!), structured an eight-tier football league system, created a collegial university, and many other smaller details as required. Once I get to the point I know where I'm going, I'll be adding to the material here.

Ship Badges

The Navy is the only branch of the military I've looked at in any detail yet, mainly because of the existence of ship badges. When a ship is named, it inherits the badge, honours and history that belong with the name. For example, the name Ůunor (and its badge has been borne by a pre-dreadnought battleship launched in 1886, a super-dreadnought from 1910, and a 1937 battlecruiser (no doubt among other, older, ships not yet investigated). Individual ships have been identified by Pennant Numbers since the mid 1920s (the 1937 Ůunor carried the pennant number 16), and the prefix đCS (literally meaning "The King's Ship") is used to distinguish commissioned ships. A number of the badges in the gallery are currently dormant, there being no commissioned ship of that name.

Ship Pennant by Antrodemus

In modern times, the four smaller nations have taken a pragmatic approach to naval defence by essentially contracting the much larger Ăscgearding Navy to do it for them. The partnership is publicly shown in the smaller nations "purchasing" ships for use by the Ăscgearding Navy. These ships carry names derived from their benefactors, and are allowed to fly their national flag as a jack instead of the Ăscgearding flag, meaning the Ăscgearding Navy has one ensign and five jacks in active use.

Thanks for reading, extra special thanks for commenting, favouriting, watching etc.
Wes ■˙ hßl!


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